Seeing the Light: Thru’s Exchange Solution

June 29, 2011 | Posted in Large File Transfers | By

Recently an IT Service Provider, Silverdog Communications, LLC, brought to light yet another interesting reason for adopting Thru, Inc. This provider’s customers include small to mid-sized financial firms that do not have IT resources on staff.  It turns out that the Thru service is a more cost-effective way to enhance Exchange 2003 Mail so that users in small to mid-size operations can work with high-volume and very large files, while keeping under the hard-coded limits of Exchange 2003 Mail databases.  For some customers, adding Thru allows time to plan and implement email server migration. For standard Exchange 2003, there is a limit of 16GB per database.  Exchange 2003 SP2 allows for database of 75GB, but the default is only 18GB

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