Integrated Project Delivery Made Easy with Cloud-based MFT

July 13, 2011 | Posted in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction, Cloud, MFT, Project Management | By

The AEC industry is going through phenomenal changes as it positions itself to use electronic technology as a core corporate strategy for tomorrow’s business models. Ready access to information is the key driver pushing the AEC industry into a digital world. Architects have found that the ability to provide timely exchange, and the review and approval of critical project data is a vital component of the project workflow and project success. It is not surprising that many AEC organizations are turning to virtual file systems to ensure their project files are tracked, secured, versioned, updated and synchronized across all members of the project team and the around the world. Before turning to the cloud as a platform to exchange and

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HKS Builds Cowboys Stadium with Thru

July 8, 2011 | Posted in File Management, Secure Platform | By

Probably the most prominent sports stadium that has been designed within the last decade, HKS has built the Dallas Cowboys Stadium which really replicates and accentuates the brand of the Dallas Cowboys. HKS Sports and Entertainment Group set-up a system to protect the integrity and the security of all the raw documents that were produced in building the Dallas Cowboys Stadium.  With multiple partners spread out through the world, HKS turned to Thru, Inc. to set up a secure platform that allowed them to share information and documents with all their partners. In this video HKS Architect, Mark Williams, discusses how his team utilized Thru to successfully distribute and receive information with its global partners.

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