PaaS and the Future

August 12, 2011 | Posted in Cloud, Managed File Transfer, MFT, PaaS | By

In an article in Cloud Computing Journal, PaaS is once again highlighted as the future of the enterprise market. The article Cloud Computing: AppFog Gets $8 Million states that “Industry analysts have told the start-up and its backers that Platform-as-a-Service is beginning to eclipse bare bones Infrastructure-as-Service (IaaS) and should be in for ‘big growth,’ especially in the enterprise market.” Why is this the case? PaaS can be compared to Lego blocks. As with Lego, PaaS is built using one platform, where only one “product” exists. PaaS may come in different colors, sizes and shapes, but all product enhancements, such as updates, security and new features, is all fed back into one code base, thus everything benefits all customers. Lego

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A Note on Cloudwashing

August 5, 2011 | Posted in Cloud, Managed File Transfer, PaaS | By

There is a lot of Cloudwashing taking place in the industry today where more established ‘legacy’ vendors are simply rebranding or repackaging existing products and not fulfilling the real potential of Cloud Computing. They often host their products in Cloud environments so they can market their solutions in the “Cloud” category, but at the end of the day it’s still one instance of software and they can’t offer elasticity, horizontal scalability or multitenancy of “true Cloud” based solution. To understand some of the key differences between the “true Cloud”, and the on-premises software model, companies need to focus on three components: cost, procurement/deployment cycle and expertise: Cost – A “true Cloud” solution is less expensive in terms of server-to-server comparisons

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