October 14, 2011, by
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The explosion of files and file-sizes that need to be transferred is ever increasing. This upsurge is forcing organizations to take a step back and evaluate how they are handling today’s digital data.  This is just one of the factors driving a multitude of organizations away from FTP (FTP Migration). Other factors include:  scheduling, security, monitoring for audit-ability, plus scripting and exception handling.

In this first video, of a series that Thru will be presenting over the next six months, Lee Harrison and Thomas Skybakmoen, from Thru, Inc., discuss why FTP Migration to cloud-based managed file transfer solutions is occuring, and what technological advancements have been made in the past months that have lead more companies to the cloud.

FTP Migration - Managed File Transfer

Find out how Thru’s FTP Replacement means no learning curve, no downtime and better compliance.


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