Government Budget Crisis? Move Services to the Cloud!

February 19, 2012 | Posted in Cloud, g-cloud | By

In previous blogs we have focused on the increasing adoption of Cloud services by businesses to reduce capital and operating costs.  However, for governments with budgets and funding under intense public scrutiny, the strains on capital and resources are magnified. Furthermore procurement practices have historically resulted in lengthy, expensive inflexible contracts and the procurement process itself had the potential to filter out smaller yet capable vendors. Governments worldwide are now leveraging the benefits of Cloud computing to offer improved public services (e-government) to citizens and business while reducing their costs.  As an example, in an overview of their strategy for cloud computing, the UK Government says of their G-Cloud Programme; “Cloud computing has brought about a step change in the

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What is Managed File Transfer?

February 16, 2012 | Posted in FTP, Large File Transfers, Managed File Transfer | By

There has been an increased buzz around what Managed File Transfer is and how it improves security, speed, and manageability of moving large files. This talk is drawing the attention of an increasing number of business executives and managers, often unfamiliar with this term. If this is applies to you, continue to read. As defined by Gartner: “Managed file transfer software and services enable users to manage and monitor file transfers within and between organizations.” MFT provides performance enhancements at a bare minimum to these four areas listed below: Large Files and volumes of files can be sent effortlessly using MFT solutions, and often with little or no downtime, a far improved alternative to traditional file transfer solutions, such as

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Why Companies Should Fear Consumer File Transfer

February 15, 2012 | Posted in FTP, Managed File Transfer, MFT | By

“Elliott Greenleaf & Siedzikowski has sued a former partner and his new firm, Stevens & Lee, for allegedly installing software on Elliott Greenleaf’s computers that allows the partner to have continued access to the firm’s files in the “cloud.” The article describes how users took advantage of DropBox’s ability to be installed on any computer and consequently under the radar of IT, whereby a link was created to steal data from a former employer. This was achieved by using DropBox to synchronize files from the internal network and making these accessible outside the firewall. In this particular case it meant, “secured” files were made accessible to employees after leaving the firm. According to the article, this was not done by

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The Limitations of FTP Servers

February 3, 2012 | Posted in Cloud, FTP, Large File Transfers, MFT | By

Today many organizations still rely on traditional File Transfer Protocol (FTP) servers to circumvent email size limitations. These legacy systems do not offer any central visibility or provide a unified, integrated solution for all internal and external file transfers, placing a continuous burden on IT personnel. Additionally, business users do not have visibility into the file sharing process such as attempts to add external recipient(s) and tracking of non-repudiation. Typically multiple FTP servers are utilized for dedicated internal and external communication due to security concerns or firewall limitations. In these cases business users need IT assistance to facilitate transfers from internal FTP servers to external users. Due to these additional implementations, IT organizations also have to spend more time on

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