Why Antivirus Matters

April 25, 2012 | Posted in Dropbox, Managed File Transfer, Megaupload | By

As pointed out before, in this blog and when covering this space at Gartner, most consumer file sharing solutions (several well-known vendors) allow files to be uploaded to their platform without antivirus (AV) and malware scans!  You might think that this is not an issue, because your company scans for malware at the gateway and at the desktop, so what is the risk here? The problem is not when employees are working in your corporate environment, it is when they sync corporate data to other devices (bring your own device to work) when outside the network.  Employees work from platforms which are not supported by corporate IT policies or protected by corporate security defenses; however they are commonly used to  share

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Consumer Dropbox in the Enterprise

April 2, 2012 | Posted in Cloud, Dropbox, Managed File Transfer, Megaupload, MFT | By

At first glance, consumer Dropbox tools are convenient and easy-to-use, allowing users to share video, music, and private content with family and friends within minutes. It’s no wonder individuals bring these seemingly harmless tools into the workplace. However, consequences arise when these tools are inadvertently used to circumvent corporate security and policies. Security and Compliance Companies are exposing themselves to unnecessary financial and legal threats by unknowingly allowing consumer Dropbox type tools onto the corporate network. Many customers do not understand that software  itself does not undergo testing for regulations such as HIPPA, PCI, and SOX, but that the company must be tested for compliance. While the software alone cannot ensure a company will meet internal controls and stipulations required

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