BYOD to Work…Really?

May 21, 2012 | Posted in Business Applications, Dropbox, Enterprise, Managed File Transfer | By

I know that consumerization is spreading though out the enterprise, but none the less I was shocked to see in the Cisco IBSG Horizons Study that a staggering 95% of respondents (600 U.S. IT and business leaders), said their organizations permit employee-owned devices in some way, shape or form in the workplace. With company security breaches at unprecedented highs, I find it amazing that IT and business leaders are accepting, and in some cases embracing, the idea of “bring your own device” (BYOD) to work. Further the survey revealed that not only do enterprises allow employee-owned devices, but according to 84% of respondents, they provide some level of support for these gadgets– 36% of those surveyed provide full support. Thanks

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Transfer Large Files 2.5 Times Faster

May 11, 2012 | Posted in FTP, Large File Transfers, Managed File Transfer, MFT | By

I’m continuously amazed with the number of tweets I see from business professionals devouring way too many cups of coffee as they impatiently wait hours, and sometimes days, for large files to transfer to their recipient(s) across/outside the country.  Angry tweets begin to emerge when it looks like the file is transferring fine but then the transfer stalls and eventually aborts. With the global distribution of personnel commonly found in enterprises today, it’s no wonder that organizations are increasingly faced with more technological challenges.  And the requirement to quickly and securely share important business files containing ever-larger volumes of data with global associates, customers, and business partners continues to grow.  Email, FTP, VPN and freemium file sharing methods were not

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