Online File Sharing Increases Security Threats

June 26, 2012 | Posted in File Sharing | By

Last week Symantec posted the results of their 2011 SMB File Sharing Survey, revealing that online file sharing poses the greatest security risk to SMBs. These results do not come as a surprise, as unsecure and unregulated freemium file sharing services (with millions of simultaneous users on a shared platform) have crept onto corporate networks at an unprecedented pace—74 percent of survey respondents said “they adopted online file sharing to bolster their own productivity”. The problem is that the employees concern for boosting their productivity takes precedent over corporate security. In fact 61 percent, of the 1,325 organizations surveyed, said that employees are the ones making the decision about which file sharing services are being used. The problem is that

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Beyond Compliance – The Cloud Delivers

June 21, 2012 | Posted in Cloud, Content Delivery, Enterprise, Secure Platform | By

According to the InformationWeek 2012 Strategic Security Survey, the biggest challenge for security teams is not about meeting compliance demands, and preventing breaches, but it’s managing complexity, risk management and handling security challenges.  This comes after an era in which a large percentage of organizations looked at security purely from a compliance-based approach–enacting minimal-requirements to comply with government and industry regulations. A good proportion of companies have met the established security guidelines/specifications, but by failing to implement a risk-management approach they are still plagued with huge technical and/or administrative threats.  And now with mobile devices entering the workforce security threats have increased even further.  Not only may IT administrators be unaware that these devices are connected to their corporate network,

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Big Data & MFT

June 1, 2012 | Posted in Big Data, Enterprise, MFT | By

In recent posts, I have talked at length about “Big” files and the issues around the transport and management of such data sizes, but now is the time to talk about “Big” data.   The market is well aware of the pros and cons of traditional methods to address the file transfer challenges and the resulting Managed File Transfer (MFT) solutions.  However, along with the many benefits of implementing a MFT solution come side effects in the form of additional data silos.  These silos while created to protect sensitive data with such tools as encryption, multi-factor authentication, and data abstraction invariably obscure a significant and sizable amount of data from the landscape of Big Data tool sets and ancillary solutions. Let’s

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