Simplified ISV Partner Support

July 29, 2013 | Posted in Cloud, Industry Solutions, Managed File Transfer, MFT, Software | By

A well-known fact is that Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) will always need to exchange files with their partners. In these symbiotic relationships, the files are often massive (i.e., core dumps), highly sensitive (i.e., public company databases), or both. This is a two-way street: Vendors push new builds and patches to partners and partners push log files and corrupt databases back to vendors. These are frequent exchanges and pose several laborious issues.  Software vendors exert significant labor in managing partner credentials and staging files where they are secure but easily accessible for partner IT personnel.  For partners, fast uploads and downloads and ease of access can be critical in time-sensitive situations. Moving on from FTP FTP had its place, but managing

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A New Take on Partner File Exchange

July 23, 2013 | Posted in Business Applications, Managed File Transfer, Project Management | By

Sending files is seldom one-sided. Enterprises can share large files and folders, streamline workflow, and keep projects moving forward by using managed file transfer with their partners. While also integrating with platforms such as Microsoft Outlook, Thru enables companies to share files and folders with their partners quickly and easily without sacrificing security for the enterprise. Cloud File Transfer with Partners Though some enterprises prefer their data to reside on premises to increase download and upload speed, businesses have embraced file transfer with data stored in the cloud as a way to improve business processes and deliver information quickly and securely. Cloud-based managed file transfer lets employees and partners access, download, and upload data easily from any location. A New

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How EFSS Fits with MFT

July 16, 2013 | Posted in Enterprise File Sync and Share, MFT | By

In the world of managed file transfer (MFT), organizations are implementing solutions to reliably and safely transfer information for application-to-application and B2B system-to-system scenarios. However, in the realm of user-to-user file and data transfer, things get more complicated and threaten corporate security for many companies. The demands of a mobile workforce are growing by leaps and bounds. As organizations struggle to meet these demands, employees often turn to free consumer dropbox services for file sharing and collaboration capabilities. Organizations must inevitably address file transfer challenges in an increasingly mobile world to extend file sharing and collaboration functionality to employees while also considering compliance and security. Download White Paper: Thru for Enterprise File Sync and Sharing Managed File Transfer Organizations use

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Approaching Mobile Business

July 8, 2013 | Posted in Enterprise File Sync and Share, Mobile Business | By

The mobile workforce has become an undeniable facet of business technology. When faced with a quickly changing mobile landscape, companies must consider the how to provide functionality and maintain a competitive edge with efficient business practices. The Denial Approach Though it isn’t practical or sustainable, many organizations simply choose to refuse to ignore the growing demand for mobile devices in the enterprise. Many companies cannot keep unwanted mobile devices off their networks, and users can easily connect personal devices unbeknownst to management, resulting in possible data leaks. The Enterprise-Liable Approach As demand for mobile capabilities grows, many companies consider taking an enterprise-liable approach, issuing employees mobile phones. This approach gives IT the control over data and security that many CIOs

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