Managed File Transfer: Meeting the Challenges of e-Discovery

August 27, 2013 | Posted in Big Data, Cloud, File Management, MFT | By

Legal action is an unfortunate but sometimes unavoidable part of doing business. To prepare for potential litigation, corporations need solutions to support the intricate processes and manage the documentary evidence that is involved. Organizations must ensure that all company information is fully auditable and trackable in the electronic discovery (e-discovery) process while still reaping the benefits of cloud file sharing solutions. A comprehensive managed file transfer platform can help. Consumer Cloud Storage Pitfalls In today’s climate of readily available consumer file sharing applications, employees can potentially upload, download, and share company data without any IT oversight. When legal disputes arise, using consumer file sharing services puts companies at risk of lost evidence, chain of custody infractions, fines, and, as a

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Improving IT Costing Transparency

August 19, 2013 | Posted in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction, Business Applications | By

The role of IT in enterprise has evolved. IT is now involved in delivering, brokering, or integrating IT services owned by entities outside the enterprise. This shift in operations affects IT funding and procurement decisions. IT organizations are more service-focused. They must also approach IT costing transparency and chargeback differently. Many IT departments and leaders struggle with streamlined costing and want to gain visibility into IT costs to establish legitimacy, responsibility, and accountability for IT services. Even in 2013, many organizations use a decidedly low-tech approach to tracking IT costs. IT departments often track costs manually, using a simple spreadsheet, and this approach to costing is inefficient at best and doesn’t help IT departments determine costing and chargeback effectively. Streamlined

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FTP Replacement for the Oil and Gas Industry

August 12, 2013 | Posted in Business Applications, File Sharing, Large File Transfers, Managed File Transfer, MFT, Mobile Business | By

IT departments for oil and gas companies often face an uphill battle to meet industry file transfer demands. Like many other industries, oil and gas companies are concerned with speed and security when transferring data, but they must also consider the possible complications transferring very large files across vast distances. MFT and Large Files File size limitations are at the forefront of the IT department’s collective consciousness when deciding how best to transfer files in the oil and gas industry. Oil and gas exploration companies with energy services such as wireline operations often need to take snapshots of wells to detect oil or natural gas hydrocarbons, and the log files of these snapshots can be up to 20 gigabytes. Many

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MFT PaaS for Programmatic File Transfer

August 6, 2013 | Posted in Business Applications, Integration, Managed File Transfer, MFT, PaaS, Secure Platform | By

Enterprises can help ease some of the burden on IT with a managed file transfer platform as a service (MFT PaaS) solution. Thru Managed File Transfer Platform as a Service lets business empower their web portals with Thru functionality and streamlines workflow through custom integration with any application that uses web services. By offloading management to a third-party service and leveraging APIs to share data, IT can focus on more valuable tasks, adding to the competitive edge of the enterprise. Integrate with Any Application The Thru Managed File Transfer Platform enables programmatic transfer of files from cloud to on-premises or between cloud applications by leveraging API services, eliminating unnecessary custom integrations. The platform centrally manages files across applications with a

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Adventure Down Under at Gartner AADI Sydney

August 1, 2013 | Posted in Cloud, Events, Gartner AADI, Managed File Transfer, Security | By

Gartner AADI Sydney Summit Recap Last week, I traveled to Sydney, Australia to attend the always popular Gartner AADI Summit (Application Architecture Development and Integration). This is the primary event on the Gartner calendar distinctively covering integration/SOA, cloud computing, mobile, big data, and so on. Though this was a short event, starting Monday morning and ending Tuesday afternoon, I enjoyed the well informed conversations and was impressed at the number of visitors to our booth who showed in depth interest in our products and presentations. We were honored to have Rick Holliday-Smith (Thru Board Member, Servcorp Board Member, ASX Chairman, and Cochlear Chairman) along with Marcus Mouffarige (COO, Servcorp) as our very special event guests at our booth.  Rick and

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