Be Productive: Use Managed File Transfer

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In 1913, Henry Ford and the Ford Motor Company revolutionized efficiency and workflow in the factory with the first moving assembly line, developed for the Ford Model T. The assembly line focused on simplicity to: Bridge distance gaps in the assembly process so that workers have components close at hand Move work in progress easily during assembly Deliver finished work as conveniently as possible One hundred years later, these concepts still apply to business. This approach led to the development of workflow techniques to improve quality and productivity simultaneously.  Though workflows originated with the assembly line, they are still relevant in enterprise today to improve planning and quality, balance workloads, and eliminate bottlenecks. Businesses of all sizes and in all

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Managed File Transfer Meets Mobility

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Tablets have become a force to be reckoned with in the enterprise. While sales of PCs – including both desktop and laptop computers – have declined in recent years, sales of tablets have skyrocketed. Initially, people bought tablets for personal, recreation use. However, times are changing. Recently, popular productivity blog Lifehacker polled their readers, and well over 60% of those who responded used a tablet for work. But it doesn’t stop there. According to a poll conducted by CDW, people aren’t just using tablets at home; 59% of respondents reported that they’re bringing their own tablets to work as part of a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program. Cloud Storage Goes Mobile What gives tablets an edge over PCs in

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FTP Replacement: Thinking Outside the Box

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Consumer dropbox applications have attracted millions of users, and the popularity of these solutions is growing by leaps and bounds. It’s not hard to see why free file sharing services are so in demand; they’re inexpensive and easy to download, with available storage, synchronization, and file transfer capabilities just a couple clicks and a few short minutes away. Though most consumers use free file sharing services to increase productivity by accessing and syncing files from multiple devices, these applications lack key features that would make the solution a good fit for the enterprise. In fact, many organizations have implemented IT security policies to block consumer dropbox applications and do not let users access portals classified as “personal network storage.” However,

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Secure File Transfer Bridges the Gap for Enterprise Applications

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No Company is an Island The 16th century poet John Donne’s well-known phrase “No man is an island” resonates very well in our contemporary business environment. To compete and grow in today’s world, companies can no longer solely rely on the products, solutions, and talent developed within their own organization. Customers demand that applications and data from multiple sources are combined into a single, easy-to-use platform or business solution, enabling efficient workflow while protecting their technology and data assets. The companies that recognize this and serve their customers with complete end-to-end solutions by partnering with other products and solutions providers are positioning themselves to increase both customer acquisition and retention. At Thru, we often find ourselves bridging the gap in an

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