Removing File Transfer Limitations in Salesforce

July 11, 2014 | Posted in Business Applications, Cloud, Enterprise, Integration, Managed File Transfer, MFT, PaaS, secure file transfer, Secure Platform, Security, Uncategorized | By

It’s no doubt, is modernizing the way companies do business with their highly customizable CRM. All leads, contacts, cases, accounts, emails and more are all stored within the single system, greatly simplifying the management of information. One aspect of business that is almost entirely left out of many CRM implementations, however, is the transfer and storage of files. While it is possible to send files using Salesforce, companies still face setbacks such as file size limits and lack of an audit feature to track activities, as well as high storage costs. Such limitations hinder collaboration and take away visibility from file activity. For these reasons file transfer is often external to the CRM. There is a great problem with

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