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20160212 Side Panel

Ever collaborate on projects or exchange files with Microsoft Outlook? If yes, then you or a team member may have sent each other the wrong file more than once. On top of that, you’ve probably wondered whether clients or partners downloaded the designs and reports you sent them. These are a few challenges that Thru’s Plugin for Outlook can help you solve.

If you know anything about Thru’s Plugin for Outlook, you know that it is a tool for Thru users to manage and transfer large files directly from Microsoft Outlook. But what distinguishes Thru’s file transfer plugin from the rest is the side panel feature that gives you complete access to your entire Thru file system and sent messages. Not only can the side panel be used to navigate and drag and drop files to Thru, but you can remove file attachments after they have been sent and view the download status of each file. Ready to see these features in actions? Watch the video below to see how collaboration is made easier with Thru Plugin for Outlook!

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