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According to Technopedia, electronic software distribution (digital delivery) is “the distribution of software or data to users electronically. The approach is quite opposite to the practice of delivering software through physical media.”

Ever wonder how companies are using Thru for electronic software delivery? Today we are going to tell you how Datical uses Thru to deliver software securely to its enterprise customers, many of which are Fortune 25 companies.

Datical provides automated database management solutions to some of the largest enterprises in the world. Due to the tight security policies of its enterprise customers, Datical faced a big challenge when it needed to deliver software builds/updates/documentation to these companies.

The company had tried solutions like FTP, consumer file sharing solutions and USBs to deliver software, but these methods were also restricted by many of its customers.

“I can’t go to Dropbox Inc; I can’t go to Google Drive. That is dead on arrival for the Fortune 25. They can’t use that stuff and it is blacklisted at the firewall,” said Robert Reeves, CTO of Datical.

To solve this challenge, Datical looked for a solution that could provide a single secure web portal where customers could log in to download files securely. The only solution that could satisfy Datical’s needs was by using Thru’s secure software delivery platform to send software and documentation to its Fortune 25 customers.

“We’re an agile development shop. We release every two weeks. When a software release is “blessed” and has passed our testing, we have a “Jenkins job” that will FTP the files to our private Thru portal where customers can log in and download. We just push one button and our customers are able to come pick it up,” said Mr. Reeves

To read the full story of how Datical uses Thru for electronic software delivery, download the full case study

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