BSA LifeStructures uses Thru for Secure File Transfer

BSA LifeStructures provides planning, architecture, and engineering services for complex education, research and healthcare facilities. Projects are done in collaboration with many multidisciplinary professionals within the company as well as a number of external partners and clients.

“We had been using an inhouse FTP site to handle larger file transfers, which quickly became a headache. Our users now find the Thru platform very easy to use. Clients and vendors comment about how easy it is to access secured data we send to them. A win-win for everyone.”

Philip Sharp

Case Study


THE CHALLENGE: Security and Ease of Use for Project Collaboration

Like most engineering and architecture firms, efficient communication is essential to BSA LifeStructures’ business. Projects are completed through extensive collaboration between engineers, design-builders, contractors and project owners. Prior to implementing Thru, BSA was using a single, in-house FTP server to exchange critical project information. Internal users had difficulty understanding how to use FTP, and the IT department was overloaded with the administration of repetitive tasks. Clients and partners also struggled using the FTP site, causing interrupted workflow, and compromised productivity. On top of these problems, sensitive data and proprietary information was exposed to anyone logging onto the site, with no ability to track who downloaded which files. These challenges led BSA LifeStructures in search of a solution.

CS-Business Value

BUSINESS VALUE: Increased Productivity, Reduced Costs

Thru’s Managed File Transfer Platform has greatly increased the productivity of BSA’s users, partners, and project owners because of its ease-of-use when sending and tracking files or folders of any size. Money is saved by dramatically decreasing time spent searching and sending files via the old FTP platform. The reduced workload on IT and added security are further benefits. Also, flexible file management for project set up and tear down with corresponding partners restores order and efficiency across the project lifecycle. Perhaps most importantly, BSA retains complete control over who has access to files, eliminating apprehension about who has downloaded which files.


THRU SOLUTION: Secure File Transfer with Comprehensive Audit

BSA chose Thru’s Managed File Transfer Platform to replace FTP. Thru’s Platform integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, SharePoint, or to allow files or folders of any size to be securely sent without any special training or assistance required from IT. Files are easily downloaded by the recipient, yet remain completely secure. One of the reasons for selecting Thru was the ease with which users can securely and easily send and access files of any size from anywhere at any time. Customizable interfaces were also a benefit, as was a comprehensive audit trail which records and stores all actions on every file. Even the administrators are happy with Thru, since they have a robust yet simple method of controlling who has access to which files. Additionally, the Thru MFT Platform was chosen because of the transparent security features including encryption in transit and at rest, application and database security, and disaster recovery, ensuring business continuity.

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