St. Paul Group securely exchanges patient data

The St. Paul Group provides high-end data solutions, information technology, and connectivity products and services for hospitals, regulatory agencies, and consulting firms in Maryland, New Jersey, and New York. St. Paul Group works with large amounts of private medical data and must be fully compliant when managing, storing, or sending these files.

“I would give our experience with Thru an A+. All feedback from our employees has been positive, and some clients have asked to use it themselves.”

James Buskirk
Network Admin

Case Study


THE CHALLENGE: : Insuring Compliance for Sharing Sensitive Medical Documents

Entrusted with masses of medical records and data, the St. Paul Group must protect and manage these files in compliance to healthcare regulation. Although security has always been very important to St. Paul, they were still using a slow FTP server to exchange this private data. Not only was security lacking in many ways, but many users also had difficulty understanding how to use it, which caused the IT department to become overloaded with repetitive tasks. Data management was also impossible because there was no way to audit, track, or ensure delivery of files. In an effort to alleviate these problems as well as possible fines or litigation resulting from poor management, St. Paul began to look for a solution.

CS-Business Value

BUSINESS VALUE: Easy and Secure Exchange of Medical Data, Compliance

Since implementing Thru, the St. Paul Group has been sending large batches of patient data quickly, reliably, and securely between all the employees who use the data. Since files and folders are stored in the Cloud, external exchange of files is also extremely easy. Administrative time needed to manage the data is significantly cut because all files have tracking numbers, enabling the audit of where data moves and who has access to it. St. Paul is no longer preoccupied with mismanaged data or the worry of possible fines or litigation, but can now focus on their bottom line and on products and services that improve people’s health.


THRU SOLUTION: Secure File Transfer, Comprehensive Auditing

After a recommendation from another customer of Thru, St. Paul chose to employ Thru’s Managed File Transfer Platform. Thru’s Platform integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, SharePoint, or to allow files or folders of any size to be securely sent without any special training or assistance required from IT. Files are easily downloaded by the recipient, yet remain completely secure.

Since files and folders can be stored securely in the Cloud, all users can securely and easily access files from anywhere at any time. Management is also greatly simplified, since the administrator has the ability to effortlessly set or modify who has access to different files, as well as to track and audit information on who has received what files.

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