Secure Desktop File Sync

Track and Protect Transactions

Collaborate instantly within synced project folders while maintaining strict security and audit regulations.

  • Monitor all uploads, downloads and document changes based on user, IP address, and more
  • Keep content secure with antivirus scanning of transactions
  • Easily report all file activities for compliance audits

Sync Simply

Sync files to your Windows 7 or 8 desktop with various features not found anywhere else.

  • Drag and drop files and folders of unlimited file size
  • Keep track of the latest document version with notification alerts of all new changes
  • Warning and errors with resolution are reported to the user
Desktop Sync Software
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file sync customized user permissions

Customize User Permissions

Files shared by thousands of users can easily get lost or deleted. Provide custom sync scenarios to control the ownership, editing and accessibility rights of each file.

  • Disable or enable any user’s right to sync data
  • Allow users to download but not make any changes to files
  • Assign editors who can make any changes without restriction

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