Remove File Attachment Limits
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Bypass Email Client Restrictions

Offload large file exchanges to Thru’s enterprise file exchange platform to unburden company email servers and increase company security posture.

  • Send files without limits on file size and file type
  • Save on storage costs by offloading all file exchanges to the Thru platform
  • Integrate with existing workflows with add-ins for Microsoft Outlook and IBM Notes

Receive Documents Securely

To receive large documents of any size from clients and partners, send a link to Thru Dropbox™ where files can be uploaded securely.

  • Receive files of any size from multiple upload protocols: Java, Active-X, or HTML5
  • Block viruses and malware with antivirus scanning of all uploads
  • Receive notification of new file uploads with instant email notifications
Simplify File Sharing
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Regulate Sent Files

Regulate Sent Files

Protect the privacy of sent files with the ability to prevent unauthorized file and folder downloads.

  • Immediately expire sent links with a click or schedule download expirations for specific dates
  • Keep track of data of sent files with tracking numbers, date of transactions, and immediate notification when recipients download files
  • Set an email and password requirement for sent files to be downloaded (optional)

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