Webinar: Streamlining Enterprise File Exchange

Learn how Thru can help your organization:

Replace existing FTP servers or integrate them into Thru Managed File Transfer Platform
Exchange large files securely with third parties
Understand how Thru can improve your security posture
Have full visibility and control offer all file exchange activity
Deploy in the cloud or on-premises
During this webinar, you will be given a full and exclusive tour of the Thru Application and its industry leading Outlook Connector. You will also be given an overview of Thru’s Architecture and how Thru is seamlessly integrated into the workflows of enterprises such as VMware, Sage, and many more.
Thru’s Managed File Transfer application offers multiple deployments options to meet your requirements: Cloud, On-premises, or Hybrid.

Live Webinar:
July 16, 1:00pm BST

Billions of files are exchanged with Thru each year

Receive files using Secure Dropbox™
Integrates with REST or SOAP Web services
Safe Harbor - Your data stays in the UK
Arutiunov Sergey

Sergey Arutiunov

VP Engineering Thru

James Lewis

James Lewis

MD Pro2col
Thru’s UK MFT Solution Partner

Manhattan Associates
NCC Group
Danfoss Power Solutions
Pioneer Energy Services