Advice to IT Professionals from Mark Egan

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CIO Advice: Are you uncertain about Cloud solutions? Do you have questions about security, integration, and mobility? Watch this short 10-minute interview with Mark Egan, a transformational CIO, to learn his winning approach to Cloud. Learn how you can improve security, choose vendors more wisely, relieve common problems, and provide better services to your organization.

Former CIO of VMWare and Symantec

Topics include:

File Transfer Solutions

About Mark Egan
Prior to joining StrataFusion as a partner, Mark was a CIO at VMware where he led the company from a server virtualization vendor with $2 billion in revenue to a $5 billion market leader of cloud solutions. During his 6 years as CIO at Symantec, Mark’s leadership in IT was instrumental in supporting the company’s transformation from $600 million consumer software publisher to a $5 billion market leader of enterprise security solutions. He held senior level positions with companies in a variety of industries, including Sun Microsystems, Price Waterhouse, and Wells Fargo Bank.