Thru Partner Programs

Partner with Thru to Differentiate

Data Is Getting Bigger. Grow With It.

Thru Partner Programs helps you leverage this market opportunity to differentiate your business and accelerate growth for your company.

Adoption of big data solutions and the need to send and share information of many types continues to accelerate. All organizations have critical information they need to send and share with customers, partners, and third parties; however, IT departments struggle to keep pace with business needs. By partnering with Thru, your customers and business partners can send and share critical business data with complete confidence that information is delivered on time, is readily available to authorized personnel, has a full audit trail, and is protected by multiple layers of security.

Browse the sidebar menu for more information about the various Thru partner programs:

  • OEM Partner – Deliver a world-class end-to-end solution built on your deep industry knowledge and expertise supported by Thru’s industry-leading MFT capabilities.
  • Strategic Partners – Thru provides the tools for you to deliver MFT services from your own data center or as a white-label service operated by Thru.
  • Authorized Solution Partners – with multiple use cases for Thru within an organization, Thru provides an opportunity to add and expand the range of business solutions you offer to your clients.