Thru API

Key Functionality

  • Add MFT Features to Any Application
  • Minimize Coding Time with API Tools
  • No File Size Limits
  • Integrate into Existing Workflow
  • Trigger File Transfer with Actions
  • Logging of Every Transaction
  • Transfer Globally with Thru CDN
When facing complex workflows and established business processes, integrate Thru Managed File Transfer (MFT) paired with Thru web services API into your infrastructure to maximize returns on technology investments. Thru Managed File Transfer functionality and global content delivery adds compliance and security controls to existing workflows and eliminates file size limitations.
Programmatic File Transfer

Seamless, Programmatic Access

Integrate and customize applications with Thru web services API, enhancing scope and value:

  • Reliably and securely deliver data across applications with a single interface
  • Exchange data to or from any application with a common interface
  • Configure, deploy, and manage data from a central location
  • Transfer files between Cloud applications or between Cloud and on-premises servers with API functionality
  • Improve customer satisfaction and present a single consistent brand with Thru’s transparent customer workflow integration

Rich APIs for Custom Integration

Integrate business applications with the Thru Platform using API services to tailor to your business’s file transfer needs:

  • Extensive web services API with over 100 calls and flexible alternatives for administrators to embed custom functionality into any application
  • The xml-based SOAP API supports data integrity and privacy and offers heightened security features
  • REST API supports a wide variety of data formats for improved performance and scalability
  • Move away from unsecure, unreliable, unmanageable FTP installations
Worldwide Global

Send, Manage, and Track Critical Data Worldwide

Using Thru’s content delivery network and file acceleration technology, securely distribute files worldwide:

  • Increase interoperability and let enterprise applications exchange information with other internal and partner applications
  • Enhance the value of current software portfolios by adding data security and external content tracking features
  • Eliminate security gaps and decrease risk when transferring critical data
  • Guaranteed and certified global delivery without file size limitations
  • Enable global file transfers with low latency and no risk of data loss

Thru API Programming Reference Guides

Download: Thru SOAP API Programming Reference Guide (registration required)

Download: Thru REST API Programming Reference Guide (registration required)

Download: Thru Server Extended File Upload Download Protocol Reference Guide (registration required)

API reference guides