June 29, 2011, by
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Recently an IT Service Provider, Silverdog Communications, LLC, brought to light yet another interesting reason for adopting Thru, Inc. This provider’s customers include small to mid-sized financial firms that do not have IT resources on staff.  It turns out that the Thru service is a more cost-effective way to enhance Exchange 2003 Mail so that users in small to mid-size operations can work with high-volume and very large files, while keeping under the hard-coded limits of Exchange 2003 Mail databases.  For some customers, adding Thru allows time to plan and implement email server migration.

For standard Exchange 2003, there is a limit of 16GB per database.  Exchange 2003 SP2 allows for database of 75GB, but the default is only 18GB because, according to Microsoft, a change to 75GB database often requires changes to hard drive partitions and/or an upgrade of storage.  Even with the increased size provided by SP2, the database limit can quickly be exceeded when sending numerous and/or large attachments.  The Enterprise version of Exchange 2003 allows for 8000GB database, but the cost of software is significant and would typically require server upgrade.

Customers looking to enhance their Exchange 2003 Mail service, or squeeze that last bit of service out of their Exchange 2003 Mail server before migrating to a newer version, get more bang for the buck by implementing Thru.  Thru has been Exchange-friendly for years, plus the Thru plug-in for Outlook works with Outlook client versions 2003, 2007, and 2010 – even 64-bit Outlook 2010.  Combined with the Thru SharePoint connector and AD integration for Single Sign On capabilities, Thru is the best solution for your Microsoft shop.


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