July 13, 2011, by
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The AEC industry is going through phenomenal changes as it positions itself to use electronic technology as a core corporate strategy for tomorrow’s business models. Ready access to information is the key driver pushing the AEC industry into a digital world. Architects have found that the ability to provide timely exchange, and the review and approval of critical project data is a vital component of the project workflow and project success. It is not surprising that many AEC organizations are turning to virtual file systems to ensure their project files are tracked, secured, versioned, updated and synchronized across all members of the project team and the around the world. Before turning to the cloud as a platform to exchange and manage your project information you need to ask yourself some important questions:

  • Is reliable and rapid transfer of large volumes of data such as BIM and CAD files with and between your project team members a constant challenge?
  • Does your project workflow and review/approval process rely on multiple insecure and unmanaged FTP file transfer operations to transfer critical project data?
  • Is control and tracking of project changes and revisions through file downloads and uploads a management nightmare?
  • Do your systems and processes struggle to meet internal and external standards for audit and compliance?
  • Do you need accurate reports on file management overhead to bill back costs to your clients?

Thru’s proven global file collaboration network enables users to securely track and deliver all aspects of project data across the world, be that to China or Dubai. This new network offering from Thru moves project data as close as possible to where it needs be resulting in fast low-latency uploads and downloads and Thru’s patent pending acceleration technology means files are delivered at local wire speeds.

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