PaaS and the Future

In an article in Cloud Computing Journal, PaaS is once again highlighted as the future of the enterprise market.

The article Cloud Computing: AppFog Gets $8 Million states that “Industry analysts have told the start-up and its backers that Platform-as-a-Service is beginning to eclipse bare bones Infrastructure-as-Service (IaaS) and should be in for ‘big growth,’ especially in the enterprise market.” Why is this the case?

PaaS can be compared to Lego blocks. As with Lego, PaaS is built using one platform, where only one “product” exists. PaaS may come in different colors, sizes and shapes, but all product enhancements, such as updates, security and new features, is all fed back into one code base, thus everything benefits all customers.

Lego blocks have seen updates over the years, such as better and more durable plastic, more colors as well as the introduction of different sizes and new shapes. The main principle has always remained in focus: Lego did not change the core or the standard of the Lego block, just improved the product and created more solutions to adapt to the changing marketplace. One platform, many opportunities, repeatable success.

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