November 4, 2011, by
Posted in Cloud, Events, File Management

We are excited about this year’s Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration (AADI) Summit in Las Vegas, November 29-December 2.

Gartner says, “This Summit delivers on today’s key applications issues—from understanding the real business value of cloud computing and learning when, why and how to adopt cloud and agile methods, to making your SOA application development more productive, dynamic and simple.”

We’re looking forward to some of the discussions we’ll have on why organizations are moving many of their business processes to the cloud:  financial statement delivery, electronic software distribution, project management, and patent processing.  We welcome the opportunity to confer on the advantages of a cloud-based managed file transfer solution.  Thru, Inc. will be in booth #NN at the conference, and we hope you stop by and chat if you are attending.

There is a rumor that your first bet at the Caesars blackjack table is on Thru—stop by Thru’s booth to find out the truth.


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