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Managed File Transfer FeaturesI keep reading about managed file transfer (MFT) vendors adding new features–the latest ones include:  antivirus, the ability for customers to upload/download over 2 gigabytes from any Web browser, analytics with reporting, and better security.  Several claim to be the first to introduce these features, but Thru’s cloud-based MFT solution, for the enterprise, was built on these features ten years ago.

  • Take antivirus, Thru has been using Symantec for years to secure files sent and received by anyone using the Thru Cloud (incidentally, it is a “true Cloud” solution). Thru can also plug-in to any antivirus solution, by the request of a customer, it is part of the design.
  • 2GB upload and download in the browser, not a problem.  Thru has been doing this for years–in fact several terabytes can be moved as there no limit on file sizes using Thru MFT.
  • Analytics: Thru is a 100% database driven application, meaning anything that takes place is logged and can be reported on to meet compliance regulations.
  • Security is core to the Thru platform, which is why we invest in SAS 70 II data centers, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certifications. Three factor access control (fingerprint, access card and PIN) and 24 x 7 x 365 CCTV- Tier III fully redundant infrastructure to ensure no single point of failure and business continuity.
    • Data-at-rest encryption – Microsoft EFS is used for encrypting data at rest using AES, SHA, and ECC cryptographic algorithms compliant with Suite B encryption requirements as defined by the National Security Agency to meet the needs of United States government agencies for protecting classified information.
    • End-to-end SSL encryption – for HTTP and FTP data transfer: 3DES for transport encryption with AES-256 client browsers support. SHA-1 hash function.
    • Advanced Integration – Integration with Active Directory and secure Single Sign-On (SSO).
    • Database isolation for each deployed instance of Thru services – Each Thru instance can run in a standalone environment to isolate all documents and related database information.
    • Storage in a virtualized file management system – Storage which can only be accessed by the application layer.
    • Use certified FIPS 140-2 libraries.

Thru runs on the MFT Platform so all of its features are available through the API, allowing flexible alternatives for administrators and developers to embed custom functionality into any application.