December 29, 2011, by
Posted in Cloud, Thought Leadership

Earlier this year Bitcurrent–an analyst firm focusing on emerging technologies and how to put them to work–released a survey which provides some insight into why companies (of various sizes) are adopting the cloud.  The survey was not comprehensive, but provides some interesting points and coincides with what Thru, Inc. is seeing with regards to why organizations are moving their electronic file management and file transfers to the cloud.

In the managed file transfer market (closely aligned to the survey) Thru is seeing that most of the companies we engage with are moving to the cloud because of its elasticity, quick deployment time, and lower costs.   Furthermore, we are seeing that companies with globally dispersed teams and worldwide partners are adopting cloud solutions the fastest, closely followed by companies that want to send and receive documents with guaranteed instant distribution and legal-grade, tamper-proof evidence of delivery.

The year 2011 was the cloud’s boiling point, as IT departments and management teams began to clearly understand the advantageous of computing as a service.  In 2012 the masses will begin to integrate cloud computing into their corporate infrastructure.

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