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Large FilesI’m continuously amazed with the number of tweets I see from business professionals devouring way too many cups of coffee as they impatiently wait hours, and sometimes days, for large files to transfer to their recipient(s) across/outside the country.  Angry tweets begin to emerge when it looks like the file is transferring fine but then the transfer stalls and eventually aborts.

With the global distribution of personnel commonly found in enterprises today, it’s no wonder that organizations are increasingly faced with more technological challenges.  And the requirement to quickly and securely share important business files containing ever-larger volumes of data with global associates, customers, and business partners continues to grow.  Email, FTP, VPN and freemium file sharing methods were not designed to handle the demands of enterprise file sharing on a global scale–organizations are looking for solutions that can deliver files at very high transfer speeds, are not limited by file size, will protect their sensitive data, and do not slow down or simply fail when sent over long distances.

Ten years ago Thru, Inc. introduced its Content Delivery Network, a complete secure file transfer platform, which solved the security and distance issues associated with large global file transfers and eliminated the delays caused by high latency and bad connections.  Using Thru’s patent pending TCP acceleration technology, global sync times are 2.5 times faster than its closest competitor, and crush the transfer times of FTP and similar file sharing methods.   And the Thru solution can be directly integrated with your existing business applications to protect and enhance existing investments.

For a global organization whose business model depends on quickly sharing and accessing large corporate files and folders anywhere, how many cups of coffee can you drink, and how long can you afford to wait for your documents to be delivered?


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