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Sending files is seldom one-sided. Enterprises can share large files and folders, streamline workflow, and keep projects moving forward by using managed file transfer with their partners. While also integrating with platforms such as Microsoft Outlook, Thru enables companies to share files and folders with their partners quickly and easily without sacrificing security for the enterprise.

Cloud File Transfer with Partners

Though some enterprises prefer their data to reside on premises to increase download and upload speed, businesses have embraced file transfer with data stored in the cloud as a way to improve business processes and deliver information quickly and securely. Cloud-based managed file transfer lets employees and partners access, download, and upload data easily from any location.

A New Fusion: Hybrid Partner File Exchange

Thru offers a unique hybrid managed file approach that combines on premise storage and cloud storage. With Thru’s hybrid approach to Partner File exchange, storage is on premises for the Thru customer, while their partners access a portal that mirrors the on-premises portal to view, download, and upload their files.

The Benefits of a Hybrid Approach

What are the advantages of Thru’s hybrid Partner File Exchange functionality over cloud only storage? This approach provides wire-speed downloads to users on premises with Local Area Network (LAN) connection but also provides the added security advantage of a separate server exclusive to the Thru customer. The Thru customer’s data resides on premise, partner files are shared in the cloud, and data synchronizes between the cloud and on-premise servers automatically for instant access.

And just as enterprise data remains private and secure, so does partner data. Partner data is completely compartmentalized and segregated by partner email domain; each partner can only access their own files or files shared by the enterprise, not the files of other partners. At least one administrator is designated for each partner company who can see and manage only users on the same partner email domain, so the enterprise and their partners can rest easy knowing that sensitive information is safe.

Thru’s proven managed file transfer platform lets customer securely exchange, managed and track files and folders with partners. Now, Thru customers don’t have to choose between the speed and security of on-premises servers versus the accessibility of servers in the cloud. Thru offers the best of both with hybrid Partner File Exchange.

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