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Enterprises can help ease some of the burden on IT with a managed file transfer platform as a service (MFT PaaS) solution. Thru Managed File Transfer Platform as a Service lets business empower their web portals with Thru functionality and streamlines workflow through custom integration with any application that uses web services. By offloading management to a third-party service and leveraging APIs to share data, IT can focus on more valuable tasks, adding to the competitive edge of the enterprise.

Integrate with Any Application

The Thru Managed File Transfer Platform enables programmatic transfer of files from cloud to on-premises or between cloud applications by leveraging API services, eliminating unnecessary custom integrations. The platform centrally manages files across applications with a single interface for administration and auditing. These applications include SCM, LOB, ECM, ERP, and many more. With Thru, the enterprise can unify data transfer and retrieval and simplify challenges for IT.

Customize with APIs

API calls let businesses move files between cloud servers or between cloud and on-premises servers programmatically with countless workflows. The enterprise can securely send, track, and manage any size files or folder hierarchies with Thru’s extensive API to suit specific needs. The Thru Managed File Transfer Platform has over 100 calls that enable customers to embed custom functionality into applications. Thru offers both a REST API and a SOAP API to cater to specific business needs. Both APIs are dynamic, but each have clear-cut advantages. The reliable xml-based SOAP API offers heightened security features to support data integrity and privacy, including a standard messaging system. However, customers can also opt for the flexibility of the REST API, which supports a wide range of data formats, offering improved performance and scalability.

The Thru Platform

Improve system integrations with the robust features of the Thru Managed File Transfer Platform. With endless integration possibilities and rich APIs, Thru MFT PaaS can help improve business processes and workflow while upholding the security and audibility of a managed file transfer solution.

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