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The role of IT in enterprise has evolved. IT is now involved in delivering, brokering, or integrating IT services owned by entities outside the enterprise. This shift in operations affects IT funding and procurement decisions. IT organizations are more service-focused. They must also approach IT costing transparency and chargeback differently.

Many IT departments and leaders struggle with streamlined costing and want to gain visibility into IT costs to establish legitimacy, responsibility, and accountability for IT services. Even in 2013, many organizations use a decidedly low-tech approach to tracking IT costs. IT departments often track costs manually, using a simple spreadsheet, and this approach to costing is inefficient at best and doesn’t help IT departments determine costing and chargeback effectively.

Streamlined Costing Chargeback

Costing and chargeback are key concepts in IT financial management. Costing involves tracking IT costs and allocating them to users, and chargeback links IT spending directly to activities based on usage, access, capacity, or some other metric. This ensures that the business avoids special requests without a solid business case or that do not contribute to the bottom line. These concepts are of utmost importance to the enterprise, as visibility into chargeback improves IT cost transparency and cost allocation. But how do IT organizations improve accuracy in accounting? Tools for project-based costing allow for accurate accounting and distribute costs and highlight usage enterprise-wide.

Increase Efficiency and IT Costing Transparency with Project-Based Costing

Thru’s Enterprise Connector for Microsoft Outlook lets organizations expand the messaging environment to achieve greater value and efficiency. The Thru Connector for Microsoft Outlook offers a project tagging feature to organize files related to projects and enable costing and chargebacks to a specific client, project, partner, department, or individual based on usage.

Thru users with project tagging enabled for their Thru Outlook Connector can automatically distribute costs by simply assigning emails to the appropriate project. Upon sending a file, users are prompted to select the appropriate project, simplifying chargeback with a single click. Users can associate storage and costs for particular projects and easily access a list of active projects with dynamic search capabilities. Project managers can associate Thru messages with a project to distribute costs across accounting lines, understand usage by cost center, and select and assign active projects from all available projects.

IT organizations must tackle these challenges to meet the needs of the enterprise and improve the bottom line. Offering the Thru Enterprise Connector for Microsoft Outlook and the project tagging feature, Thru is there to help.

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