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Consumer dropbox applications have attracted millions of users, and the popularity of these solutions is growing by leaps and bounds. It’s not hard to see why free file sharing services are so in demand; they’re inexpensive and easy to download, with available storage, synchronization, and file transfer capabilities just a couple clicks and a few short minutes away. Though most consumers use free file sharing services to increase productivity by accessing and syncing files from multiple devices, these applications lack key features that would make the solution a good fit for the enterprise.

In fact, many organizations have implemented IT security policies to block consumer dropbox applications and do not let users access portals classified as “personal network storage.” However, unlike many consumer solutions classified as “personal network storage,” McAfee Site Advisor recognizes Thru portals as business applications, not as personal storage. These classifications apply to cloud and on-premises implementations of Enterprise McAfee products that filter and control access to sites and services.

You don’t have to sacrifice productivity, your security policies, or your partners’ or customers’ policies when choosing a FTP replacement solution. Instead, be picky. Why not choose a solution that is tailored to your business? Unlike consumer dropbox solutions, Thru Managed File Transfer was designed with the needs of the enterprise in mind.

Beyond One-Size-Fits-All Solutions

Consumer dropbox solutions attract users with undeniable usability and convenience. However, their features fall short when considering enterprise-level usage. When a person downloads a free file sharing service, the files that are stored in a consumer dropbox account belong to the account holder, not the enterprise. What does this mean for IT security? Effectively, IT groups have very little visibility into consumer dropbox accounts and cannot thoroughly manage the files shared. Consumer dropbox solutions offer no real transparency into the files and folders stored in individual accounts, making internal audits, e-discovery in legal disputes, and project management tasks needlessly difficult.

Thru MFTaaS: Built to Suit the Enterprise

The Thru Managed File Transfer Platform lets you replace old, unsecure FTP servers with a secure alternative. Thru’s streamlined interface offers all of the usability of consumer dropbox solutions without the risky security and auditing shortcomings. Thru Enterprise Connectors, like the Enterprise Connector for Microsoft Outlook or, let people share files seamlessly, with no change in workflow. Also, unlike free consumer dropbox application, Thru offers full legal-grade tracking and auditing capabilities. Thru maintains a full, legal-grade audit trail for very email sent with the Thru Enterprise Connector for Microsoft Outlook, and administrators can easily track transactions. All actions taken on a file or folder are recorded and stored in a database, helping to make audits efficient and close costly compliance gaps.

Why accept a solution that falls short of your business needs? Unlike consumer dropbox solutions, the Thru Managed File Transfer Platform was designed with the enterprise in mind, rather than the individual consumer.

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