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In 1913, Henry Ford and the Ford Motor Company revolutionized efficiency and workflow in the factory with the first moving assembly line, developed for the Ford Model T. The assembly line focused on simplicity to:

  • Bridge distance gaps in the assembly process so that workers have components close at hand
  • Move work in progress easily during assembly
  • Deliver finished work as conveniently as possible

One hundred years later, these concepts still apply to business. This approach led to the development of workflow techniques to improve quality and productivity simultaneously.  Though workflows originated with the assembly line, they are still relevant in enterprise today to improve planning and quality, balance workloads, and eliminate bottlenecks.

Businesses of all sizes and in all industries want to improve productivity. You can use technology to your advantage and accomplish tasks smartly and strategically, with the fewest possible clicks and keystrokes.

Email for Collaboration

Email is the leading collaboration tool, and most email users collaborate by sending electronic files as attachments. However, email protocol was never designed to handle the burden of file transfer. Many corporate IT policies limit email attachments to 20 MBs or less to decrease the downstream impact on overall network or storage performance. It is often difficult for IT departments to predict when email demand will be highest, and there are not many built-in load-balancing administrative measures available to predict and service potential outage and storage limitations.

Also, email clients, such as Outlook and Lotus Notes, do not offer functionality such as guaranteed delivery, file tracking and auditability, and large file transfer with checkpoint restart, making them incomplete solutions for enterprise-level secure file transfer.

Enterprise Connectors to Streamline Workflow

Thru Connectors extend the functionality of the Thru Managed File Transfer Platform to enterprise email clients. This enables users to securely transfer large files and folders with tracking and auditability from their existing Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes interface with no file size or type limitations and no change in workflow. Files are automatically offloaded from email servers to the Thru server using the transfer manager, leaving the email application free to perform other operations. Files are transferred safely and enable companies to comply with government, legal, and industry compliance regulations, all from a single, familiar application. Thru makes collaborating and sending attachments a snap. There is no ramp-up time necessary, and no special training or assistance is required to get users started since functionality is directly incorporated into the normal email workflow.

Don’t squander one of your most precious resources – time. With Thru Enterprise Connectors, you can collaborate securely in a single workflow and achieve better productivity and efficiency.

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