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With the release of the latest versions of Thru for iOS and Thru for Android, many of our users are finally jumping on the mobile bandwagon. Thru includes many security features to ensure that mobile file sharing is secure for business and enterprise. This blog should serve as a guide to make sure you are utilizing these security features to their full potential.

Enable or Disable Site Access

This is a very simple feature to enable or disable all user’s access to mobile devices. Default settings will have this checked, unless an administrator disables this. To modify this setting, go to Site Options and click on the Access tab. Be sure “Enable mobile access for this site” is checked and save your changes. See the screenshot below.

Anyone included in the Mobile App Users group will be able to log in to any of the mobile applications. Anyone not included in this group will not be denied access.

Thru Mobile File Sharing Site Options

Add or remove mobile users

From the administration portal, go to Groups and click on the Mobile App Users Group. Click the Users tab and modify to manage users. Adding removing users by groups makes management of a large number of users much easier.

Thru Mobile Users Group

Add or remove ability for users to open files in other applications

Thru enables administrators to lock down user’s ability to open files stored in Thru from other applications on a mobile device. This enables administrators to block users from opening sensitive data, such as personally identifiable information, in an unsecure consumer applications where the data could be compromised. Anyone included in the Controlled Mobile Distribution group will still be able to send and manage files, but they not be able to open files in any other application. These users will only be able to view files that can be natively viewed in the application.

From the administration portal, go to Groups and click on the Controlled Mobile Distribution group. Click the Users tab and modify to manage users. Again, adding removing users by groups makes management of a large number of users much easier.

Add or remove access by device

Administrators can also restrict access to specific devices based on the MAC address.

From the administration portal, go to Users and select a user. Click the Device Access tab at the bottom of the page. To restrict devices, uncheck “Allow user login from any device”. Use the screenshot below for a reference.

Thru records the MAC address of any mobile device attempting to log in to the system. Even with an unsuccessful log in, the administrator will view the MAC address on this same screen to enable or disable access by device.

Thru restrict mobile file sharing by MAC device

Logging In to the mobile app

Logging in to one of the mobile applications for the first time is sometimes a little tricky. First, the user must know their Thru server. That is the url of the web application for your company. It generally follows the format https://nameofyourcompany.thruinc.net. The only additional information needed to log in is the user name and password, which can be reset if the user has lost them.

I hope you have found these tips for secure mobile file sharing with Thru useful. If you have questions, please leave a comment or contact support.

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