May 20, 2014, by
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Global business suffers when language barriers cause difficulty in interacting with partners and clients. When it comes to global file transfer, enterprises with international partners may find difficulty exchanging information on a platform that supports only one language. Fortunately, there is now a solution that facilitates global file transfer in a business world that consists of multiple languages.

V8 is here

Thru is breaking down language barriers with today’s release of server version 8.0, known as V8. This update gives customers the ability to use the secure file transfer platform in their own native language for an easier user experience. Enterprises can now send files to anywhere in the world on a platform that is more suitable for the international community. Watch the video to learn more about V8’s features.

Global Business Made Simple

Thru is designed to work as a secure global network with data centers located across four continents. Files of any size can be rapidly transmitted around the world with low latency. The addition of multilingual support from V8 compliments Thru’s global network in giving businesses a solution to streamline international communication with high speed global file transfers. A global solution just got more global.

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