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Recently, Dropbox Inc. announced the addition of groups functionality for their business users, and with that it joins good company with Thru Inc. Thru has offered this for over 12 years, with our enterprise and multi-national customers using it every day to collaborate efficiently.

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Thru Groups

Manage Projects Worldwide with Thru Groups

Built for the enterprise since its entry in the Secure File Sharing market, Thru has always had groups functionality to make collaboration easy for various departments and project teams. Whether you are a single office or multi-national organization, Thru makes it simple and easy for you to offer access of content and data for unlimited internal and external users.

  • Simplify onboarding/offboarding of users

    Granting users access to multiple folders or files one at a time isn’t reasonable for large-scale projects with thousands of users. Thru’s groups feature allows users in a pre-defined group to instantly receive access to the files and folders they need. A significant advantage with this feature is minimal clicks and tasks for the IT administrators. Administrators however, always have the authority to delete a user.

  • Offer access to unlimited external users with Thru Dropbox™

    Thru offers businesses a Thru Dropbox™ option, which allows their external customers and partners to securely share large files with internal users, without having to sign up for an account. However, Dropbox Inc. demands that each external user sign up for a separate Dropbox Inc. account. Additionally, the basic business account of Dropbox Inc. is limited to a maximum of 5 users in contrast to Thru, which offers unlimited external user access with their Thru Dropbox™ feature – making collaboration with large groups cost effective for businesses around the world.

  • Minimize IT overhead

    IT Administrators often have a lot on their plate. Thru’s groups functionality unburdens some of their responsibility by offering project team managers the ability to directly manage their group access. Team managers can now easily govern and manage access for users, files and changes to content.

  • Allow teams to collaborate from any device

    Thru’s group feature is not limited to the desktop version and extends to iOS, Android and other mobile devices, allowing large enterprises the ability to do business the way they want, anywhere, anytime and from any device.

Thru Groups capability has been leveraged extensively by multiple customers including HKS, a world –renowned architecture firm. With offices and teams spread around the world, HKS used Thru to build the prominent Cowboys Stadium (now AT&T Stadium) and continues to exploit Thru’s groups functionality for its countless architectural projects. Check out their story on how they did this: HKS

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