April 2, 2015, by
Posted in Automation, Managed File Transfer, Products, Thru, Inc.

Thru OptiFLOW™

Are you still searching for an ideal FTP replacement? Or dealing with too many disorganized, confusing secure file transfer processes? Or do you just need a single point of control to automate file exchanges?

Thru is excited to announce the brand new entry into our product portfolio: Thru OptiFLOW™ — the new solution to allow you to schedule, integrate and control all your file transfer processes.

You can now:

  • Schedule and manage from a single point of control
  • Reduce IT overhead with Thru OptiFLOW’s Job Monitor component
  • Meet security mandates and keep data confidential under regulations
  • Integrate automation into existing workflows using Thru Automate Scripting Agent

It’s about time! Automate today with Thru, the industry leader in Managed File Transfer Solutions. Learn more.

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