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The competition for cloud storage just heated up with new offerings such as Amazon’s recent “Unlimited Everything” plan. The plan now offers Amazon Cloud Drive users an “infinite” storage capacity for their photos, videos, files, movies, music, and more.

Though unlimited basic cloud storage solutions like these are highly appealing at first glance, they inadvertently lack some key security and file sharing functionality required by businesses worldwide to operate effectively and be compliant.

To solve employee and business file sharing requirements, Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing (EFSS) solutions are now the business-alternative to basic cloud storage.

In this blog, we dive into some differentiators between these two solutions and help you make the choice:

Challenges of Basic Cloud Storage Solutions

The rise of cloud computing led to the popularity of cloud storage apps to easily store videos, documents and photos from multiple devices. Though these services may be convenient for personal use and small businesses, they do not meet the large transfer needs and governance risk and compliance (GRC) requirements of enterprises.

Some common issues with basic storage services include:

  • Lack of Compliance
  • Industries like healthcare and finance that follow strict auditing policies will find these processes difficult if its employees are using basic cloud storage apps to store company data. Because content used in these apps is governed by individual employees and not IT, businesses can never be sure that they collect all the data they need in the event of an audit or litigation.

  • No IT Control
  • For organizations that require specific files or folders to be deleted after a number of days or weeks, they will have difficulty doing so with employees using basic storage solutions. If files need to be deleted immediately, it has to be done by the individual account owner.

  • Lack of Encryption and Antivirus Scanning
  • Most free cloud storage solutions don’t regularly scan content for viruses or have encryption in transit and at rest. This is a violation against various policies and regulations that demand company data and personally identifiable information meet a high level security criteria.

Enterprise File Sync and Sharing: The Alternative to Basic Cloud Storage

As an enterprise class alternative to basic cloud storage, Enterprise File Sync and Sharing solutions are the most secure and flexible way for employees to sync and share files while meeting core business requirements.

Gartner analyst Monica Basso states that major drivers of EFSS adoption are the proliferation of personal cloud services and also IT organizations’ concerns about the lack of control of corporate information.

Thru’s EFSS solutions offer the same simplicity, affordability, and multi-device access as basic cloud storage solutions while also offering:

  • Compliance and Governance
  • Thru protects content with encryption and antivirus scanning, enabling employees to securely sync and share content within and outside the company firewall. Additional security features such as auditing and file expiration make Thru an easy way for organizations to meet compliance and governance policies.

  • Flexible deployment
  • Thru meets the unique needs of enterprises by providing flexible options for deployment. Whether your organization needs a self-hosted or hybrid cloud model, Thru offers far more flexibility than services that only offer public cloud storage options.

  • Unlimited file size transfers
  • When companies need to quickly transfer large files from remote locations, basic cloud storage solutions just don’t cut it. Thru helps organizations such as leading software companies quickly distribute large files to any global location without size limitation, data storage, or bandwidth issues.

The demand for file sharing and collaboration has only begun. The time is now for IT leaders to choose how their organization will distribute files not only internally, but with external customers and partners. Will it be basic cloud storage or Enterprise File Sync and Sharing? The choice is yours.

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