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The term ‘fireside chat” was coined from a series of radio addresses given by President Franklin D. Roosevelt from 1933-1944. According to Wikipedia, “fireside chats were the first media development that facilitated intimate and direct communication between the president and the citizens of the United States.” In today’s times, many companies and groups now hold their own fireside chats as a way for the audience to get to know their own company execs and thought leaders to discuss various topics and trends within their industry.

If you’ve been following Thru’s social feeds lately like Twitter or LinkedIn, you may have seen one or two of our own “Friday Fireside Chats”. We started this video series as a fun way to inform and educate our audience, customers and partners on the topic of enterprise file sync and sharing by interviewing Thru’s Leadership and guests. So far, we’ve had two great interviews with two of Thru’s leaders. In our first chat, we spoke with Lee Harrison, CEO of Thru, on a day in his life, EFSS trends, his advice to CIOs and an interesting rumor about his Twitter profile…(watch for yourself and find out). Lee helped Thru bring enterprise file sharing to the cloud and in this chat, he also provides IT leaders with an in-depth knowledge on the subjects of the cloud and Enterprise File Sync and Sharing (EFSS).

For our second series, we Skyped with Ian Snead, EVP Sales & Marketing at Thru and discussed top EFSS challenges and cloud adoption in Europe. Based in UK, Ian has extensive experience helping leading global enterprises understand their IT needs and solve their file sharing challenges.

In the coming weeks, Thru will continue to interview other execs, some of our esteemed customers and partners to discuss the latest news and trends from the Enterprise File Sync and Sharing industry. Make sure to follow Thru’s Twitter and LinkedIn pages to catch the latest in Thru’s Friday Fireside Chats!

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