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To provide solutions to the Fortune 25, it is requisite for software vendors to comply with stringent regulations and corporate policies. Even in the stage of electronic software delivery, the Fortune 25 must be able to securely receive software deliveries without employees using basic cloud storage solutions. SSAE 16, HIPAA, FISMA (for US Fed) — these are just a portion of the requirements that a Fortune 25 organization may demand to ensure the security and confidentiality of its data.

Datical is an Austin-based company that provides database change management solutions largely to the Fortune 25. When its solution for software delivery was not meeting the security demands of Fortune 25 customers, Datical searched for a secure software delivery platform that could satisfy the stringent security requirements.

I can’t go to Dropbox; I can’t go to Google Drive. That is dead on arrival for the Fortune 25,” said Robert Reeves, CTO of Datical.

To find out why Datical chose Thru for electronic software delivery, read the full Datical case study »

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