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There are various benefits that drive enterprises to outsource in-house IT solutions to the cloud. Cheaper operating costs, smoother scalability, less management chores; managed hosting has helped IT departments to focus more on building their business rather than maintaining on-premises servers (refer to Benefits of Hosting from Rackspace).

Tronitech, Inc. is an information management solutions provider that transitioned its in-house FTP solutions to the Thru Cloud. Because its services consist of regularly exchanging sensitive documents with enterprise customers, it needed a solution that could guarantee all transactions comply with privacy and security policies.

“We need to make sure that our transfers back and forth with our customers are done in a secure manner,” said Tony Boyer, Manager of IT Services for Tronitech.

To learn how Tronitech uses Thru to replace in-house FTP, go to the case study using the button below.


Tronitech is among other IT software and services companies like EMC, Sage and VMware that use Thru to exchange large files and content securely across the globe. Learn why Thru is trusted by leading enterprises around the world.

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