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In our previous post about Thru Desktop Sync, we shared a video on how you can get started with synchronizing Thru folders to your desktop. Thru Desktop Sync gives you instant access to your content stored in Thru without having to log in online to your account. It is a very useful tool if you are working within shared folders online and need to have the latest documents always in your desktop file system. In this post, we will demonstrate how to view all changes made within your synced Thru folders.

After you have completed setting up your synchronized folders, a Thru folder will automatically be created within the Favorites section of your desktop’s file system. This Thru folder will contain all folders that you are syncing from Thru. All operations made to content within these synced folders will automatically sync with the Thru server. Operations include: file uploads, deletions, moves, renames, and any content changes made to documents.

Thru Sync Files 1

You will also notice that all sync notifications will appear in your system tray. There is a Thru icon that tells you when files are syncing and when they are complete.

sync 14

Clicking on the Thru icon opens a window that shows recently synchronized changes. For a detailed list of all synchronized changes, you can click on the “View full list” link.

Sync blog thumbnail - 20160303

This shows you all changes synchronized with the Thru server. Being able to view all changes to your content in real time makes it easy to know exactly when changes happen and who performed them.

sync 10

If you want to search for a specific change you can click the drop-down arrow to view results by operation, user or date. For example, if you have a file you deleted a month ago and you need to know exactly when it happened, you can use this filter tool to help you find it faster rather than scrolling through a long list.

Filter Sync

That ends today’s weekly tip of Thru Desktop Sync. Subscribe to our blog to always have the latest tips of Thru’s secure file sharing applications!

To watch a video on how to view synchronized changes with Desktop Sync, watch the video demo below!

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