Adding Large File Transfer to IBM Notes (formerly Lotus Notes)

IBM Notes (formerly Lotus Notes) continues to be a leading email client for businesses to communicate and collaborate with colleagues, customers and partners. However, IBM Notes email was not designed to send large attachments, provide enterprise-grade security, and track all attachment activities. In this post, we will discuss the key file transfer challenges in IBM Notes and provide an enterprise-grade solution to these problems.

Large File Transfer: A Challenge for IBM Notes/Domino

With the sizes of files increasing every year due to innovations in technology (e.g. HD video and CAD design solutions), it is now a challenge for many companies to send these files from email clients like IBM Notes using standard file attachments. When a user tries to send a file that is over the set limit in IBM Notes, they are blocked by the Notes client. Additionally, using the IBM Domino server to handle large file attachments leads to high storage costs and poor performance (especially in peak hours). Not being able to send large files from IBM Notes leads many users to adopt their own solutions like FTP or free, consumer file sharing apps. This causes a poor user experience for the company’s end users and a high risk of a data leaks when users are using solutions that are out of IT’s visibility and control.

Securely Send Large Files with the Thru IBM Notes Add-In

To solve the file transfer challenges in IBM Notes, your company can turn to Thru for IBM Notes integration. With this add-in, your company can easily send large attachments of any size without being blocked by the email client. When a user needs to send files with Thru, they simply attach files like normal without ever knowing they were using a new solution. The add-in also uses enterprise-grade security (encryption in transit and at rest, anti-virus scanning) to keep company data protected at all times.

Securely Send Large Attachments - Lotus Notes

An advantage of Thru integration is the speed at which your administrators can launch the solution to your users. With robust administration tools, your IT department can have users set up in no time without having to perform hours of training since Thru runs on the backend of IBM Notes. Also, Thru’s access controls and audit enable your administrators to have complete control over content and be able to track and report all transactions that take place in the system.

If slow file transfer speeds are an issue for your users, Thru for IBM Notes can be powered by Thru’s high speed file transfer technology to increase your file transfer speeds by up to 20X than with a standard internet connection.

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