TV Man Avoids Firewall Issues with FTH

Irving, Texas, October 19, 2004 – Don Sattler, President of TV Man, stated, “As a client driven post facility, we constantly have to send approval copies of spots to clients all around the country and the world. I have been using FTH for several months now and am quite pleased with how it has helped us serve our clients. Before FTH, emailing large Quicktime movies to clients in large corporations and ad agencies was difficult because of firewall issues and email size restrictions on the client side. I tried to get clients to download from our FTP site but most of them don’t have the technical patience, and hate dealing with passwords. With FTH every client has easily downloaded their files whether they are at the office, traveling or at home. This is much easier than email or ftp. Also, I appreciate the email notification feature because it confirms delivery and that has come in quite handy.”

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