Thru Releases Upgrades for the Thru Web and Outlook Editions, Security and Ease of Use Increased

Irving, Texas, November 16, 2006 – Thru, a trusted leader in Certified Delivery, is pleased to announce significant upgrades in the new releases of both Thru Outlook Edition v1.5 and Thru Web Edition v6.1 . Thru makes sending and receiving digital files easy, secure and cost effective while offering compliance with HIPAA, SOX and GLBA regulations. These latest software releases offer deeper levels of control, streamlined workflows and are increasingly user-friendly.

The security focus for Thru products is immediately evident in these significant releases. Thru continues to lead the way allowing users the freedom to work within the world’s most productive information exchange medium, email, with breakthrough security technology that is easy to use.

The popularity and ease of use of Thru’s Outlook Edition v1.0 can only be matched with the new release of Thru Outlook Edition v1.5.

Thru Outlook Edition v1.5 continues to allow users to send, receive, and track files via Microsoft Outlook™ with no change in workflow, but now allows transparent sending from the desktop and secure email. Using the “Send Thru” button instead of the usual paperclip icon to select files, will assure enterprise administrators that information leaving their enterprise is being sent securely, via Thru Certified Delivery, and not over the exposed open Internet. Embedded in this “security focused” release, is an easy-to-use private and encrypted channel message delivery. This enhancement is available as a simple new tab on the sender’s email composition window. Finally compliance is made simple. Modeled after the Windows Explorer, the Thru Explorer v1.5 adds searching capabilities to the already full-featured file management tool.

Thru Web Edition v6.1 has several feature upgrades that increase productivity within the application. Just like Thru Outlook Edition, users will be able to include a private message when sending Thru Mail. The message will be sent over a secure channel and will not be included in the outgoing email. Enterprise enhancements include Single Sign On or SSO, allowing easy single click sign-on from within enterprise environments. Another new feature, Active Directory Integration, allows enterprise administrators the ability to grant and/or deny users log-ons to the company’s Thru system, whether in Outlook or Web Edition. This eases the administrative burden for the already over-loaded enterprise administrator.

Thru has also developed new technology allowing Active Directory to the Thru service without compromising corporate security or requiring an appliance in the DMZ. After the admin sets permissions, the new user receives an email welcoming him to his user account.

Other upgrades of v6.1 include introducing Thru’s unique tracking numbers, a complete redesign of the external pages and format changes in the email design to increase security and simplicity and server optimizations.

Brent Yager, Product Manager for Thru stated, “These recent upgrades address our customer’s need for complying with HIPAA and SOX regulations and also Thru’s commitment to enhance security required for the mission of delivering information over the Internet. Our healthcare and financial services customers are asking for simplicity and security and the highest degree of user satisfaction. Our product philosophy is if it is not easy to use then they won’t use it, if they don’t use it then they are not secure. We have some very exciting product announcements to make in 2007 so keep a watch on Thru.”

About Thru
Thru is the established leader in “Certified Delivery” and the “Online Management” of digital documents and files. Whether sending secure email attachments or complete online file management, Thru’s products address the challenge many companies have of securely moving information and being compliant with privacy and security regulations. Thru is headquartered in Irving, Texas, with offices around the world.