Thru, Inc. to Host Webinar featuring Osterman Research on the “Hidden Cost behind Dropbox Software in the Enterprise”

DALLAS, Texas, April 3, 2012–Thru, Inc., a cloud innovator of high-performance, enterprise class Managed File Transfer (MFT), will host a webcast on April 19th featuring Michael Osterman of Osterman Research. Osterman will discuss the concerns that go along with “consumer” file transfer solutions in the enterprise.

The webcast, hosted by Thru, Inc, is tailored for IT professionals and managers, who are looking to find out how to avoid knowledgeable workers circumventing corporate security and policy by unsanctioned installations of consumer Dropbox software.

Attendees will learn:

  • Why employees are bringing dropbox software into the enterprise
  • The risks created by allowing consumer file transfer software onto the network
  • What IT can do to monitor their network for these types of security threats
  • Features to consider when selecting a secure file transfer solution
  • How to give users dropbox-type functionality that will please users and make IT happy

About Osterman Research

Osterman Research, Inc., provides market research, industry analysis reports, white papers, webinars, surveys and related services for vendors and customers in the messaging, Web 2.0, social media, mobile, collaboration, information management and other markets. Osterman Research continually gathers information from IT decision-makers and end users of information technology. Osterman Research reports and analyzes this information to help companies develop and improve the products and services they offer to these markets or to internal customers.  For more information go to,

About Thru

Thru, Inc. a global leader in cloud-based managed file transfer, trusted to distribute and track large amounts of information quickly and securely across the globe. Serving many industries including software, financial services, architecture, manufacturing, and professional services, Thru has more than 5,000 corporate installations in over 70 countries, handling millions of transactions annually. Thru’s solutions enable enterprises to distribute software globally, replace FTP, and manage risk and compliance by exchanging files quickly, securely, and reliably. This Improves productivity, ensures compliance, and reduces costs. Thru was named a “Cool Vendor” by Gartner, Inc. in the Cool Vendors in Platforms as a Service 2011 report.

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