Performance Enhancement for with Latest Product Release from Thru

Real-time sales prospect interest tracking, task generation/prompting for the sales professional, and intelligent CRM document exchange – all part of Thru’s business intelligence/analytics application

Irving, Texas, October 19, 2009 – Thru, Inc., an emerging ‘thought leader’ according to Gartner Research, announces a new product which gains actionable prospect insight for the user to apply to – and shorten – the sales cycle.

SellThru is Thru’s latest release, working seamlessly within Salesforce, providing an easy-to-use platform for exchanging files, folders, documents, proposals, quotes estimates, specifications and contracts. SellThru also provides certified delivery of these documents with real-time tracking, giving the sender a complete picture of who downloaded what and when. But SellThru’s primary feature is its ability to detect prospect interest level and immediately feed that interest level back to sales.

Sensors can be set as clickable links on a web page or within email – the order in which they are clicked reveals the person’s level of interest. So the user can not only track what prospects are do with information, but also analyze and react efficiently, reducing sales cycle closure time.

“We’ve tapped into something every sales professional needs” according to Thru CEO, Lee Harrison. “If you can get into the sales prospect’s head, you can determine whether or not they’re serious, and focus sales efforts accordingly.” He went on to add “Increasing effectiveness and closing more deals, is what everyone in sales is looking for. We now have a tool which does exactly that, and are very excited about what this means for our customers and our company.”

SellThru accelerates the sales process by providing intuitive monitoring of the sales prospect’s activities as you exchange information. Salesforce task items are triggered based on the predicted interest level of the prospect.

“SellThru does a couple of things no other application does” according to Thru CTO, Sergey Arutiunov “and that is to track what a person clicks on, the order in which it was clicked, and how quickly messages and attachments are responded to.” He added, “This provides some useful insight into the mindset of the sales prospect, and likelihood of closing a sale.”

Throughout the document exchange cycle, ancillary documents (sensors) are placed in the email window along with the primary document (estimate, proposal, contract) to test prospect response. Interest is assessed by the timing and order of downloads. Notifications are sent in real-time based on trigger criteria, so sales professional scan react to the prompts sent from SellThru. Sales efficiency is increased by assessing leads less likely to be converted, so attention can be focused on
those that are.

There are numerous benefits to the sales professional:

• Virtually no learning curve
• Tracks all opportunity-related data, messaging and documentation
• Immediate delivery notification
• Ranks and recommends materials best suited to your sales effort
• Synchronizes seamlessly with SalesForce and Outlook
• Manages sales leads, automates lead capture, and automates workflow
• Insight into which materials were most valuable in previous sales
• Real-time file tracking and auditing
• Automated back-end cataloging of the entire sales process

SellThru provides intelligence not only to better manage and control the sales process, but also to enhance the performance of Salesforce by extending functionality with actionable prompts. Thru’s email messaging component works within applications used every day, so the learning cycle is virtually eliminated. Best of all, SellThru provides a distinct advantage over conventional Salesforce users with real-time activity monitoring. Leads can be qualified and response can be accelerated with increased effectiveness. Given the current economic market, response time can be the difference between opportunities that are converted and those that are not.

“Any advantage you can give the sales professional is huge” according to Thru Customer Service VP, Daniel Hurtubise. Properly used, this tool can do just that.”

About Thru, Inc.
An enterprise platform for secure, online content delivery and management, Thru consists of four products: SendThru, our certified global file transfer solution, delivering files of unlimited size, anywhere in the world quickly and securely. ShareThru, a virtual online file management system, providing extremely fast downloads for large files anywhere in the world, and a repository for sharing, organizing and tightly controlling file access. SyncThru, accelerates delivery of any file, any size, anywhere across the globe. And SellThru. Thru’s platform is entirely Web-based, so same-day implementation is possible without need for hardware installed on site. Thru maintains a global customer base and is headquartered in Irving, Texas, with offices in San Jose, California and Sydney, Australia.

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