Thru Enterprise Mobile File Sharing

Dallas, Texas, January 28, 2014 – Thru announced today the release of version 3.0 of Thru for iPhones and iPads and version 2.0 of Thru for Android Phones and Tablets. Thru mobile applications extend the functionality of the Thru managed file transfer platform to enterprise grade mobile file sharing from any device.

The explosive use of mobile devices in the workplace, now almost synonymous with bring your own device (BYOD), has forever changed the way knowledge workers get work done. IT departments are finding that the way employees access, send, and manage files needs to be supported within this BYOD market shift while securing data at the same time. Supporting the gamut of mobile devices and operating systems while providing features that enable employees to be more productive can be a great challenge for IT departments. This challenge is further complicated by the need for security features to ensure that this valuable information is controlled.

Thru has provided file transfer services for over 12 years to enterprise customers, so mobility was a natural extension for the company. “When Thru committed to mobile development in 2009, we were excited that our world class file transfer platform could be extended to mobile. We were confident that Thru could fill the functionality gap for file transfer that BYOD had exposed. The latest versions of our iOS and Android mobile apps are faster, easier to use and have enhanced security controls,” explained Nicholas Blanton, Vice President of Marketing for Thru. “The Thru platform is the only globally deployed managed file transfer as a service infrastructure in place to serve the world markets. Thru stands out providing no limits on file size or number of files, virus scanning, trackability and auditability on every file and every file transfer, multiple methods for recipients to download files, and much more.” Thru’s best-in-class platform approach is naturally followed by a best-in-class approach to mobile file sharing and access.

Over 150 enhancements were incorporated in the 3.0 iOS release and 100+ in the 2.0 Android release. New menu structures make navigation a snap. Administrative group controls allow simple allow or deny privileges on mobile feature without compromising platform use. Coupled with today’s app releases, the HTML5 web applications for iOS and Android also received the similar upgrades. Among these features is the ability to enable or disable access for native mobile applications, Web mobile application based on MAC address. Lost or stolen devices can immediately be disconnected, greatly aiding the BYOD security effort.

The Thru mobile applications are available for download in their respective app stores or from the Thru Plugin Downloads page.

About Thru
Thru, Inc. is a global leader in cloud-based managed file transfer, trusted to distribute and manage information quickly and securely across the globe. Handling millions of transactions while serving many industries including software, financial services, architecture, and manufacturing, Thru has numerous enterprise installations in over 70 countries. Thru’s platform services such as FTP replacement, Thru Dropbox™, and mobile file sharing allow businesses and enterprises to securely manage the flow of data.