re:id Design + Direction Selects Thru SCN Small Business Edition to Collaborate and Strengthen Relationships with Customers

Email with large file attachments can be exchanged efficiently with clients using Microsoft Outlook

Irving, Texas, August 28, 2008 – Thru, the global leader in critical messaging solutions, today announced that re:id, a graphic design company based in Ohio, has selected Thru SCN Small Business Edition to send secure emails with large file and folder attachments and detailed tracking post-receipt. “We needed to find a secure and convenient way to exchange sensitive information with our clients without the hassle and cost of using a dedicated FTP server. Burning information on CDs, shipping them back and forth and tracking them was time-consuming,” says Bill Reid, owner of re:id. “With Thru, I can send files of any size to clients effortlessly and professionally, without downtime or hassle for my customers. Our clients truly appreciate how much easier and better we collaborate — and as a result we enjoy a stronger relationship.”

“Businesses of all sizes have the need to regularly exchange large files such as digital images, audio, video and engineering documents. Typically, there is no way to ensure that the information is protected, and the sender may never know who has access to the information or if the intended recipient even received it,” said Jeanine Banks, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Thru. “Thru simplifies secure messaging, file transfer and content archiving for growing businesses without costing them more time and money.”

About re:id
re:id is a graphic design firm that specializes in print and develops creative work for a wide variety of clients. With extensive experience in the design field, re:id is suited to equip businesses of any size with appealing and cost-effective solutions. Design and preparation of all print material is packaged and sent with the state-of-the-art software to ensure high quality and efficiency.

About Thru
Thru is an established leader in “Certified Delivery” and the “Online-Management” of digital documents and files. Whether sending secure email attachments or complete online file management, Thru’s products address the challenge many companies have today securely moving information and being compliant with privacy and security regulations. Thru is headquartered in Las Colinas, Irving, Texas, with offices around the world.

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